Kinetic Art Gallery Project
Summer 2013
or maybe Fall 2013
or maybe Spring 2014

I have purchased this building for a Kinetic Art Gallery and studio in the town of Bethlehem NH. The history dates back to 1877 when the building was built as a Congregational Church, in 1940 the Independent Order of Odd Fellows purchased the building and used it until 1997. Since then it has been used as a karate studio.

The building has over 4,000 sq.ft of space perfect for displaying kinetic art, 1,700 sq.ft. has a ceiling of over 20 feet, it is warm and inviting, even in winter. To make the project work, I will create two or three areas in the building that would also house "artistic" type stores, the main open area of about 1,700 sq.ft. would be for displaying and selling art that is kinetic or wire sculpture in nature. I would also have one or two areas on that floor for an active working shop for an artist/sculpturor to work.

There is an area between the parking lot and the south side of the building which will be used for a sculpture garden.

The clock in the clock tower is an E. Howard Clock made sometime in the late 1800's. It is a three face clock and uses the orginal weights and pendulum to power the clock, most old tower clocks have been electrified with syronous motors to keep time. There is a video of the workings of the clock .

The building is in excellent shape, there is some renovation to be done inside and painting outside. As we move along you are welcome to stop by and see the progress. We are inviting artist to contact us about displaying and selling their art. This web site will feature all the works that are on display in the Gallery.

Update June 18, 2013
As with most projects, it takes much longer than expected. This month and next the new front entrance will be completed with doors similar to the orginal church doors, a tiled floor entrance area, new stairway to the lower section and beautifly sanded orginal hard wood floors, not to mention much new paint.

Update January 2014
Looking real good that I will be opening in the spring. This month I will have my equipment available to make some sculptures. I will be contacting other kinetic sculptors about showing their works in the galery. If you are in the area Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday afternoons, I am usually working inside. Look for the large black SUV in the parking lot, if it is there I am there, the door would be unlocked and just walk in. Hope to see you. -Phil

If you have suggestions, ideas or would like to be a part of the project
please contact me either by phone or email. Phil

42 Maple Street
Bethlehem, NH

Contact: 603-731-3107 c, or email:

some pictures of the building and tower clock


Sculptures created by Phil R. Contact: