Kinetic Art is contemporary art
dependent upon movement for its effect.

Fun and whimsical, kinetic sculptures and mechanical wire sculptures, are a delight and an enjoyment to watch. This site is dedicated to those who mix mechanics with art and develop "Rube Goldberg" type machines, wind powered mobiles, rolling ball powered sculptures and other fantasy generated motion systems.

In high school I started to play with paperclips, needle nose plyers and a soldering iron. Untwisting paperclips and then bending into shapes and connnecting with end loops. Making cam shafts and frames, all soldered together. I made two airplanes out of paperclips that flew with a small gas engine, but not so well, kinda heavy. It had a paperclip latice frame with paper covered wings, those that have build balsa planes will know what I am talking about along with a .020 gas motor and a .049 motor.

The excessive energy of a chipmonk in an excerize wheel at night gave me the idea to harness the energy and make a paperclip mechanical wire sculpture powered by the chipmonk. Let him work for his food. It worked for about two days and he gave up, would not get back in the wheel. The machine was electrified and is shown on the home page as the original machine.
A number of my sculptures have been used in bars and taverns in Vermont and New Hampshire, Others have been seen on TV and in presentations to government groups and congress. After a hiatus of a dozen years, I am getting back into the creation of rolling ball and mechanical wire sculptures using stainless steel. As time permits I will add more information here. (1-12-2012)

Paperclip mouse trap (have a heart style)
Paperclip airplane
Larger paperclip airplane
Paperclip chipmonk exersize machine

Boren-Reeder Multiphasic Orbital Organizer
Turkey Tip Titalator
Casey's Caboose Train Tip Collector
Garris Wheel Tip Collector
Mystry Motor mechanical wire sculpture

Rolling Golf Ball Sculpture
Balsam's Sampler
Big Box Bead Chain
CSI-NY Ball Chain Machine
To Dad stainless welded mechanical

Horse and Hound RBS stainless steel

Since 2011
Play ball - rolling ball
Upsidasium - rolling ball
Mr. Jiggles - electronic
Golf Hole in One - rolling ball
Chain-Smoke-R - welded chain
B-4 eMAIL - welded chain
High Wheel Bike - welded chain
Link-in-Log - welded chain
Thermo Nuclear - Hydro kinetic sculpture

Sculptures created by Phil R. Contact: